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hone thy stone

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i’m really attracted to honed finishes, they have such a natural appeal, also so silky soft to touch. although, perhaps a little more maintenance, i’d say well worth it. to me, one of those obvious choices- can’t imagine having gone for a polished finish- would i ever have? i’ll say there was a point when i would’ve opted for a high gloss paint- those days way gone too, matte all the way. everything looks so dreamy, almost like a permanent slightly blurred filter creating a serene lightness.

what’s your slab?

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to think that the majority of us a sticking to one or two families of stones is completely ridiculous. there are so many gagillions of interesting slabs out there- a ton of which could be made beautiful if you chose the right setting. i say we start picking from the heart when it comes to these beauties- use your head later to figure out how to make them shine. it’s somewhat similar to selecting an engagement ring- you want it to have a timelessness but don’t you also want to be a touch different? perhaps if going the carrera route it’s important to find a way to make it your own, whether it be black hardware or unique formations. regardless of if i’d be willing to practice what  i preach big up’s to those who take the chance.




at the end of the day aren’t we all just looking for love and the perfect somewhat affordable slab? life was so simple when carrera was the answer to all- but as it’s trickled down the mainstream, and carrera’s pores are soaking up stains, proving the impracticalities that come with the breed, seems the hunt has shifted to less ubiquitous slabs with a little bit of je ne sais quoi. in fear of black appearing 80’s i think i’d go for a slab that tells a story through it’s unpredictable veiny roads.

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