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hone thy stone

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i’m really attracted to honed finishes, they have such a natural appeal, also so silky soft to touch. although, perhaps a little more maintenance, i’d say well worth it. to me, one of those obvious choices- can’t imagine having gone for a polished finish- would i ever have? i’ll say there was a point when i would’ve opted for a high gloss paint- those days way gone too, matte all the way. everything looks so dreamy, almost like a permanent slightly blurred filter creating a serene lightness.

view with a room



last year a fell in love with a glass house up for sale in toronto. i swing both ways when it comes to modern and older homes. if it’s modern it’s got to be bang on or i fear it won’t stand the test of time, if the architecture isn’t well executed it has the potential to be a resale mess down the line. when i went to go see this glass beauty for interests sake i was extremely disappointed. each room had sprawling glass walls that would be amazing if they looked onto nature, or had a good vantage point of the city. instead they looked directly into others homes… the only option would be to cover these windows with drapery, diminishing what is the beauty of a glass house.

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