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The Babouche




Ryan Roche X Brother Vellies





                                     Love this CFDA winning co. Brother Vellies


bab7 copy

Seen on the SS16 Runway (The Row, Acne)




Ridiculously cool renditions from Sanayi 313 (both photos above)


I’m so down with the Babouche for spring. The style is birthed from a traditional North and West African shoe that dates back centuries. With the thinnest of soles, slightest of frames, and the ease of just a simple slip into- makes it pretty just right for Spring- I’m always in when it comes to exploring minimal, flat footwear options.




the mule kicks its way out of the farmhouse where it may belong


i’m not hating mules, actually furthermore not hating kitten heeled mules. my fingers are typing very slowly, it’s hard for my brain to catch up to this statement. i’ll be honest i didn’t come to this on my own it comes with a persuasive argument from elin kilng and ashley olsen. i was searching for more photos of a chunkier mule, croc mules, and flat mules but couldn’t find what i was picturing- i’m sure by next season i’ll have copious amounts to pick from

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