whiting out cottages

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some have a strong aversion to painting any natural wood white- i do not come from this school. not to say that i never appreciate natural wood, but some fresh white paint is a quick and easy way to breath a little fresh air into an outdated cottage. i love high impact/low cost solutions- can of paint definitely fits this bill. not to brag… but to brag… i’m heading up north for the first time this season, decor aside, i’m simply looking forward to the beauty of the expansive muskokan lake. i’ve always dreamt of a cottage to call my own, to live within the rules of the law of attraction, i shall say, WHEN i have a cottage i picture it’s summer outfitted in linens, black and white accents, and letting natures beauty do the talking… winter cozied in point blankets, colorful bohemian rugs, rainbow bright le creuset pots, and hides. happy weekend!