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in the raw- a piece on wood

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i’m very attracted to photos with natural wood elements these days. in particular, loving the stair au natural, a built in shelving unit, obv a wide plank floor, and open to much more… brings natural warmth to a minimal space.

roost home furnishings

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i had the visual delight of entering the tkees office a while back. they’re space is decorated in exactly the type of setting you’d like to kick off your cocobutter flip flops at the end of a long sunshine filled day- if the rays are barren the california, whited out, boho vibes may help you forget that. i immediately zeroed in on a rug and was informed it was purchased at roost home furnishings. this prompted my search- which showed few results (especially in the rug department.) what i did find was that the designers use natural and vintage materials to craft their goods, keeping most of them in their raw state, lots of wood, stones, jutes, neutrals-with the ambition to keep their environmental footprint small. It will be a must stop for me next time i’m in LA.

natural beauty

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i remember the first time i stepped foot in leigh herzig’s new york loft. she had crafted her own canopy bed, had a long piece of reclaimed wood turned to bench (this was WELL before other’s were following suit,) a ladder where she hung her clothes- the place reeked of effortless cool. it’s like when a girl wears a pair of levi’s and a tee shirt and you can’t stop staring- appears so obviously right- but impossible to mimic. her space gave an instant snapshot of the kind of woman that she is, bohemian, natural, sophisticated, unpretentious, tasteful. when she later moved to LA i went to visit while she was midway through one of her first west coast overhauls, i helped her (or attempted to) paint, watched her pick out finishes, – this was my first taste at what would later become a love for home decor. i met leigh in my early twenties and have ever since been highly inspired by her aesthetic- i give much credit to her for the direction in which i’ve taken, and ‘can do anything’ attitude. no surprise that she has become a brilliant designer/architect/decor maven of homes in LA. her latest masterpiece (which she built from the ground up) is so organic and natural, precisely reflecting her uncomplicated, timeless, fatally chic sense of style. remodelista featured a full article on this breathtaking home- check it out for more details.

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