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using sails for shade

SAIL2Hotel Su Gologone in OlienaSAILsail6  sail2sail3  sail7 sail9 sail10 sail13

now i’m no sailor, nor handy person… but this seems like an easy/economical way to cover an area whether it be temporary or not. i’m guessing it can be done with any weather proof material. a more relaxed droopy delivery is great for a casual vibe, and a taut rendition more architectural and modern. with patio season abrew i’d strongly consider the sail shade, shade sail, sail canopy, whatever you call ’em.

post poolside syndrome



on paper arriving home from my winter getaway in miami on the first day of spring seemed like i could escape the post vacation blues. unfortunately, the weather has not turned, not a lilac in sight, and snowflakes are still falling. hanging by the pool made me remember there was a life outside of 9pm bedtimes, crusty uggs, and salt stained everything. i still have my toasted skin to remind me of my recent escapades in a vitamin D rich world. one day after getting off that plane, i ask myself if i am in a worse boat having been teased for the past five days? i’m back to dreaming  of outdoor living through pictures.

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