pierre soulages- art discussion nerves

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.37.25 AM pierre21 pierre10 pierre7 pierre5 Lithographie No. 24b pierre4 pierre2 pierre piere8


i always get slightly nervous when discussing art- it’s an area i’d like to learn more about. my sister is the artist of the family and though she’ll modestly state she’s no expert- her knowledge is extensive and skill is inconceivable. she often encourages me that without technical understanding my thoughts and likes are just as important as those more enlightened. so rebecca, i’ll take your word… i’m really attracted to the abstract pieces by pierre soulages. why? i’m not quite sure how to answer, but they stand out to me and i’ve been clipping images of his works for months. A friend of mine was discussing creating his very own statement abstract piece for his entryway, and with confidence stated that he believes he can create something he’ll be proud of- wish i could say the same. for now i’ll prowl the internet for soulages posters.