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caroline de maigret- there’s something about you


i’m really digging caroline de maigret’s dishevelled french girl style. her ombre wavy bang situation looks so natural on her- like she’s had that hair since she was five years old. she just seems so comfortable in her skin and has a unique air to her. i’m generally not down with the eighties, it takes a lot for me to overlook a pleat but a couple of these pics of caroline are helping me face my fear.

colorfur rainbow


my husbands late bubbie was known for having impeccable taste for all of the good things (fur, jewels, more is more is more) the family says she was reminiscent of elizabeth taylor. my mother in law’s closet is filled with amazing treasures bubbie left behind. one of my favourite items that further confirmed her lavish taste is a baby pink mink scarf. i believe it was cut from a coat and of course there are baby pink fur cuffs as well. every time i see my mother in law wearing this fabulous scarf it makes me want to go on the hunt for some colored furs of my very own- these are all some modern takes popping up on the scene these days.

clothing as art


to all the shoes that hurt my feet, dresses with missing sequins, costumy vintage shirts from the $5 rack, musky smelling fur items, and any other miscellaneous treasures i’ve collected along the way that just don’t work on body… great news, today i will resurrect you and you shall come back as art. i love the look of displaying key clothing items throughout the home. i have a few old vintage dresses hanging in my window right now that inspire me to have a little fun when i’m getting dressed.

the sharpie effect



when i was young i used one rule of thumb with my artwork, outline in black. it made my average flower, bubble letter, traced disney character pop off the page and look somewhat decent. i take this life lesson and run with it for bathroom decor. that black outline makes my jaw drop. granted these are all majestical spaces to brush your teeth but those black accents seem as if a decorator waved their tasteful wand and screamed “let there be life!”

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