the posters

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55 big ones sound good for a piece of art? i’ll say. i’m loving the website the posters. they publish museum quality prints that are only available for a short time- and give a percentage of the proceeds to fund art classes for underprivileged children. the featured works are selected from both emerging and established artists- if you don’t like what’s available now it’s worth a recheck in a few weeks. as vogue put it… it’s a way of living with art that isn’t precious. tack ’em, frame ’em, gift ’em. i love the concept.

my selects: i’m super into simon shubuck, “mini future shoob” (image #1), and i think mark gonzales X curtis kulig, “majorka is dirt cheep” (image above) would be fantastic in a kids room, or put a few together with some other art and create a gallery wall.