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just a look


came across both of these images yesterday and just weakened.

rosie assoulin resort



this emerging designer’s clothing makes me gasp. if you look up rosie assoulin you may start to recognize some of her pieces on the regularly featured street style set- not to date myself but this garb is MAJOR. it’s shockingly hard to come by an evening gown that reads cool, elegant, and upscale- if i saw a girl wearing one of these at a wedding i would drown in jealousy- i want to go there first! she’s still on the brink of big, not sold at any of the big department stores yet, but a close friendship with man repeller, and a cfda award nomination in hand her line is surely set to hit the floor at barney’s in a new york minute. aside from dresses i’m really digging the evening tops (such as the one right above) great option for a pant ensemble, and silk board shorts? ummmm so obviously a yes.

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