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a quaint escape

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i saw this great little fire island cottage on remodelista. i seriously love cottaging- no travel journey is yet to match the feeling i get from chilling with fam and friends in the wilderness. regardless of it being unrealistic, i’m not pining for a mega cottage- for the most part i look at boathouses and assume that amount of space would suffice. i love seeing projects like this on a dime- still done in good taste, working with what you got, freshened up with some white paint, spending on a few key details. i think this couple did a beautiful job, check out the link to remodelista for full deets, and more photos.

the rustic bread board

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it’s sunday funday brunchday- honestly… i’m actually not a bruncher. however… if i were to purchase a crusty bread for loved ones to enjoy, i would like to serve it on one of these boards. if i had no guests, i’d be happy to leave it displayed leaning against the wall of my kitchen counter. they’re good for chopping, serving, displaying… a few different sizes look right together- maybe one with cheese, another with baguette, a third with charcuterie. love the look- love the function.

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