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newsprint and vegan oreos

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I like boiled whitefish, my hips are tight, and am an avid crossworder. Maybe I’m hardwired in dog years? To get the crossword, I’ll do most anything. I subscribed to the Toronto Star solely for the purpose of puzzling, trashing the rest, and reading other publications online, I’ve noted coffee shops in other cities where I can sit and synonymize with the purchase of one everlasting espresso shot, I’ve considered brokering deals with my neighbour whereby I purchase their day old papers at a discounted price, and I’ve stolen… When I was living in my in-laws golf community, I took the crossword out of a few papers that piled up in the driveway of a house across the street (they must have been away, there was about a week’s worth)- in other words I thieved the elderly’s sport right from their property- let’s call this rock bottom. Stores sell papers. Seems like a rip off. They sell books of them- absolute no. Printers and internet an option too- blugh, that’s like telling Keith Richard’s to play guitar hero. Having one puzzle a day is the only way to expand my brain and force myself to complete, I need the crunch of the newspaper beneath the blade of my hand, and a felt tip pen (pencils are for non committal rookies.) I have been crossword free for a few days now… Time to get back in the game.

p.s. FYI Oreo’s are Vegan- chew on that… mentally, not physically. Unbelievable how one can misconstrue the way in which to achieve Beyonce’s ass.

essential apparatus

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i was introduced to apparatus studio a few weeks back. i am always contemplating the balance of spend vs splurge for the home. lighting is crucial in both mood setting, and accessorizing the home. if you pick the right fixtures they can absolutely be forever pieces. i love the mix of materials the designers use- they look vintage, meets modern, meets industrial- they have a perfectly imperfect quality. i’m particularly drawn to their sconces (not to belittle the others) it’s just wall lighting has always been an area of struggle for me- these unquestionably hit the mark.

serge mouille lighting




i love jenna lyons use of the light in her bedroom, ps i also love her sheets… anyone know where i can get these? i’ve only been looking for them for five years.






serge muille’s insect-like lighting fixtures not only bring a modest chic highlight to a room they’re functional too- as you can see they work in so many different spaces and rooms. i am convinced they will never grow tired and are a worthwhile splurge. 

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