the maxi skirt not pad

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in this edition of stars they’re just like us, the photo gone round the globe of jenna at solange’s wedding, wearing an ever perfect outfit (see pic #1,) was actually a new take on a skirt she wore back in 2011 (see pic #2) to a met event honouring alexander mcqueen. heck, if i archived that feather floor length skirt i’d pull it out again too. i was touched that friends and family bombarded my phone with photos of ms. lyons yesterday- reconfirming they know my tastes to a tee. along with all of you who hold a fashion fluttering heart, i f-ing love this outfit. it’s a modern twist reminiscent of carolina herrera’s multitude of ball gown skirt/shirt combos. funny enough i recently wore a black mermaid shaped skirt with a thin knit sweater to my sister’s batmitzvah, and topped it with a short mink coat- not bragging- but warmed that jenna and i had a recent moment of simpatico thoughts.