jelly shoe repudiation



i am normally able to keep my cool and continue driving past throw back, potential train wreck, designer items that come knocking for what we all know will be a short moment. but somewhere in my wannabe streamlined, less is more, tomboyish aesthetic lives a 10 year old 90’s girl who cannot refuse a sparkle, and seemingly flips out for jelly shoes. my tweenaged feet were adorned with sea foam green jelly’s which had glitter mixed within the plastic. i think while wearing them i felt whole, as if the universe was aligned and there was no task too great for my jelly’s and i to take head on. yesterday when i cradled these sophia webster babies in my hands i slapped my inner wrist and reminded myself that a) i am not 10 years old, and it is not the 90’s and b) i am not and never will be brittany murphy starring in uptown girls. if they go on sale however, i may give in- don’t judge.