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in the mood for: straw

rein rein2 straw straw6 straw8 straw9

i’ve been really feeling some good woven straw items for spring- the hat and tote both on my hit list. i’m currently pining over reinhard plank hats, and the bags above are sensi studio.

i found love in a trench



this post marks my first blog ‘selfie.’ i have dug my heels in the ground, hung on for dear life but in this day in age there is no words, or copied images that can quite get the point across like an authentic selfie #ihateselfies#whohaveibecome?#isthereaclasstotaketolearnhowtonotlookawkward? moving on… this weekend i posted about my ongoing search for the perfect trench¬†great news- i found one at one of my favourite little shops augustina. it is flawless, lightweight- steven alan simple perfection. i tried it on in small and thought i could walk away but when the medium swam loosely on my body and i pulled that belt i got weak in the knees. considering it’s -12 i won’t be wearing it anytime soon- should give me enough time to gather my shekels and bring this baby home to mama.

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