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white away! a countdown to labour day

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yes to winter whites. we know this. no rules- but, after labour day, gone are the easy white on white looks.. they get craftier. a few short days remain until you retire simple summer whites. mine have cholula and coffee stains on them anyway…

today i feel like wearing… buttons in the front

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i was in the ag store a few days ago having a look at the alexa chung collection for fall- my takeaway- a 70’s inspired front-button skirt- pretty nice. it was a big trend for spring, and i like the more 50’s full version for summer- i’m thinking a mini (or midi,) maybe suede, with tights, and a tucked ribbed pullover, could be a fun throwback for fall… … if i had a gingham prairie like rendition, i’d throw it on today with my tight white tee (it was $15 at the gap, so soft, great fit, been wearing it with everything, nice departure from the loose and flowy tees that dominate my cotton toppers, go get one..) grab my straw bag, slip into my martiniano glove ballerinas, and unbutton for some leg action.

everlasting summer

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summer2983Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.50.56 PM

i’ve never wished summer it’s last beating ray of breath- but living in miami throughout- game changer. still very much in tune with my canadian roots, i realize the importance of getting every last drop. enjoy the last week of august. i’ll be over here itching my ankles off (those mosquitos..) drenching my dog in water, looking like a thirsty puddle who once was a girl.

70’s on the street

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while shuffling through the FFW15 street pics i came across and exorbitant amount of 70’s inspired garb: fringe, suede, patchwork, higher waists, silk scarves, plaid, snakeskin, go go boots, a rainbow of browns, and rusty orange. i happen to love the palette of this era, and will have no problemo infusing my wardrobe with a little more suede. peel your vintage eyes if you’re skilled in this department- just because phoebe cut that celine cloth doesn’t mean the real thing isn’t out there. look out for: vintage skin bags, scarves aplenty, fringed goodies, belted coats.

look ma, no hands!

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my first purse was a MEC pouch filled with lip smackers, a nokia face plate phone, chup a chup lollies, adorned with baby pink and yellow plastic hair clips. sounds familiar? never worn to the front, as i matured snapped around the shoulder, and bettered with age. i later fell victim to the ubiquitous gucci belt bag- an era i’d prefer not to revisit- is that all this is? the not so logo’d  paired down rendition speaks both to my youth and exercises my functionality fancy. perhaps keep the essentials around the waist and carry a tote filled with less urgent items- or simply go hands free and treat yourself to a day of freedom.

sayonara stan- the invasion of the superstar

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it’s been the year of stanmania- sold out, grand slam. they’ve become such an obvious choice, naturally the style set are onto the next throwback- this time the superstar. my ever so stylish friend was in copenhagen taking notes, and informed me that the danes have officially shelved their stan’s for star’s. i did have these… i remember putting on my squeaky clean ducky like sneakers with my wool socks and a pair of salt and pepper sweats. i believe it was during the period when i was forced to buy shoes a size too big for room to grow- my feet looked massive, the white was blinding, i felt like a platypus, and i hated them. They were promptly shoved to the back of my closet. because of this scarring experience i’m not sure if i myself will be jumping on this wagon- but they’re starting to look better than i remember. i’m thinking the gazelle may be the way to go, a little more delicate, a good worked in suede… regardless- i’m no financier but if you were ever going to invest in adidas stock…

sarah harris- leading with authenticity

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i’m actually pretty not into the whole grey hair dye trend. i believe vogue uk’s sarah harris to be the driving force for young women to prematurely age their locks. the reason why it work’s is it’s authenticity. this clouded hue don’t come from a bottle- and sarah is lucky to have a rather silky soft looking variation. her ashen hair is an attribute she made work for her after going grey in her teens- taking a non-conformist, confident approach served her well. aside from the obvious though… let’s talk about the LV agenda, firstly, who keeps one of those ancient gadgets anymore? second, who else has made that monogram look so chic in this decade?

emmanuel’s alt(er) ego’s

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 7.48.28 AM alt2 alt3 alt6 alt10 alt11 alt12 mini mini2 mini3 mini4 mini5 mini6 mini7 Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 7.42.59 AM

behind every parisian fashion idol are a couple of coat belting, front tucking, wash and wear locking, makeup free, size 24’s, moving mont blanc with there naturally manicured hands. meet geraldine saglio (assistant stylist to alt,) and capucine safyrutlu ( french vogue’s fashion & market editor.) it’s a little ‘i like invented her’ a la regina george, granted, if i rolled with alt  long enough i’d probably be tempted into her closet essentials (good belt, black leather pants, faded black skinnies, white jeans, military button down, isabel blazer, black suede pump…etc.) but i’d hope to find my own take on the whole amalgam. either way- my takeaway, another couple of girls to inspire the less is more parisian approach.

dare i say platform?

platform10platform12platform3Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.35.00 AM platform14  platform11  platform9 platform8 platform7 platform6 platform5  platform2 platform

as podiatrist’s around the globe count there benjamin’s based on bunion damage control (thanks manolo bb) the fashion crowd seems to be reconsidering the platform. i’ll tell ya… the arch of my foot is begging for a break- aaand with a little help from these lifts new heights are within reach. i know they look kinda wrong- and i’m not saying the pointy pump is long gone, but i think a 70s soaring moment has a time and place, i know most men hate these but, you try an uncushioned, deep dip, toe hammering shoe for two years and counting.

mnz store- i want to be you

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.31.13 AMmnScreen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.32.28 AM  mn15 mn14 mn13 mn10 mn9 mn7 mn4 mn3 mn2

i posted about the photographs on maryam nassir zadeh’s online shop a little while back (link.) i’m beginning to think this website may be all i need for style inspiration. i am absolutely obsessed with these looks. i love how they manage to tomboy sequins, and pink. i also love the subtle details that make them so real i.e. arm hair, thin nose ring, imperfect bob- they are magnificently executed. the shop also happens to be a masterful curation of desirable clothing and accessories. i haven’t come across photographs that inspire my street style desires as consistently. might i declare these ensembles to be the ultimate ‘man repelling’ (which i happen to believe means- the RIGHT kinda man luring, or, rather, ‘douchebag decoding.’)

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