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everlasting summer

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i’ve never wished summer it’s last beating ray of breath- but living in miami throughout- game changer. still very much in tune with my canadian roots, i realize the importance of getting every last drop. enjoy the last week of august. i’ll be over here itching my ankles off (those mosquitos..) drenching my dog in water, looking like a thirsty puddle who once was a girl.

loup charmant

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i’ve had to forget everything i thought i knew about summer dressing. i am now halfway through my first hot as all heeeyelll florida season and am finally getting the gist of what actually works- in actual heat. the options come down to linen, light cotton, lululemon (desperately trying to not wear workout clothing when i have zero intention of working out.) hats now serve purpose, leather bags feel so wrong, shoes are optional, and denim is strictly reserved for dusk. hence, my newfound appreciation for lifestyle brands that cater to beach life. i love the easy breezy no fuss dresses by loup charmant, so breathable, and fit into my favourite wardrobe category- something like the desk to dinner, but more like dormant to drinks, wear it to bed, add a flat and clutch, don’t mind the wrinkles, and wear it for drinks.

side note: loving the espadrilles sold on the LC website.

be cool…don’t be all uncool: 5 things carole wore in turks


anna kosturova, baja hoodie, on sale for $180


alexa chung for AG, ruffled chambray dress, on sale for $129.95

carole2  zimmermann blue riot web silk-georgette and organza dress, $669 (this style is sold out, follow link for similar styles.)


oliver peoples brinley mirror square sunglasses, terra-cotta/peach, $325


zimmermann bikini, no longer available, follow link for similar styles.

when i’m at an airport news concession and see teen mom or TLC stars on the cover of the US weekly i SO depend on getting me through my takeoff angst- i walk, so i get it… if you don’t watch the RHNY (and don’t realize that RHNY stands for real housewives of new york) a. don’t judge, b. i don’t blame you if you’ve already lost interest, c. i argue to say you’re missing out on the ‘real’ carrie bradshaw, aka carole radziwill. i’m appalled at how little coverage there is on her much admired sense of style. would i go piece for piece, or naturally gravitate towards her selects- probably not. from forever 21 to alaîa- she pulls it all off. she’s smart, funny, and manages to maintain her class, not an easy feat with this bunch of cooks. after many a google search coming up short, i’ve decided the best way to uncover the style of carole is to source items she’s worn this season. my first segment is focused on the best trip ever with my tv bffae’s in turks last week, carole’s suitcase was pretty zimmermann heavy, above are some of the key items she packed. a friend of mine recently shined some light on how to maintain one’s respect while tuning into the the real housewives of anywhere, with this simple rule: we draw the line at jersey and atlanta- BH, OC, NY- all fair game.

summer vibes via brydie mack

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brydie mack is an art director/stylist/photographer from australia who’s photo’s i’ve been digging. they really make me want to a. drink tequila over water, b. get a classic solid one piece, and c. discover new techno chill mixes to dance to, STAT. that mood.. it’s transported from another era, and although the subjects are all impossibly slight, i love the way she shoots a woman’s body. don’t we all just wanna throw down a good bohemian towel alternative, tilt our straw hat, let down our salt drenched hair, and groove in the sand? summer is now- enjoy.

crista seya

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i really fell for these photos this morning, they’re from a lifestyle brand called crista seya. the label releases collections as editions rather than by season, and has an interesting range of products. i love the way they shot the 4th edition- inspired me to a. slip on some sun faded espadrilles, b. live in less fear of the grow out, and c. consider that summer blacks are the current winter whites.

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