sweatpants anonymous


on sunday night i sent my friend a text prior to her superbowl party “is it going to be just us? can i wear sweats?” to which she replied “we’re in sweats already.” i haven’t taken them off since. i need help. sweatpants are an addiction that is accepted within my community. i’m not sure if it’s a canadian thing, a camp people thing, regardless it’s uncomfortably difficult to get out of the sweatpant stoop when you’re as deep in it as i’m finding myself this winter. i must confess i bought a pair of skinny sweats and sometimes i find myself throwing a chunky sweater over them and wearing mid heel boots… i don’t want to be this person, i need to stop. i guess the first step is this confession, the second stop toying with the idea of the phillip lim jewel encrusted sweatsuit (1st pic.)