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row resort 2015



i put the row up there with celine- simplistic luxurious perfection. i’m going to stop making arguments as to how the olsen’s have surpassed their personas as poncho layering, child star, moon size sunglass wearing, teeny weeny twins who make a venti non fat latte look like a 20 pound brick. underneath all those vintage haute couture layers are brains that create sensational collections for the row time and time again. how is their cream so perfectly creamed? and their black so oppulently onyxed?

row show



the row and i had our first relationship struggle last week at holt renfrew. i finally saw the day luxe bag in person. i looked at my friend randy and said “hmm does it really look that expensive?” the answer was no. dare i say it almost looked zara? today we are back on track. i love the pics from their a/w 14 show. i think i needed those chunky sweaters and layered coat sitche’s yesterday. so yummy. also loving the masculine shoe/sock combo with those beautiful minimalist dresses.

the row day luxe



i have to admit my dream bag is designed by the olsen’s. i happen to love the row, i have a hard time (like the rest of the world) welcoming the astronomical prices in the line, it’s really more expensive than many of the top high end designers that have proven themselves for decades. that being said, it is painfully dead on. i patrolled a row leather jacket last season until it went 80% off and only then could i jump on it, the jacket happens to be one of the most beautifully crafted pieces i own. truth is one could opt for two celine bags, or an hermes at this price point. i guess it’s no surprise that you don’t see this day luxe bag on too many people other than the olsen’s. the only other street style images i have come across are funnily enough reese witherspoon (who wears it in such a way that i didn’t feel inclined to add the pic.) myself, if i was rollin’ in it- i’d put my prejudice toward celebrity diffusion lines aside, accept MK & A as real design artists, buy and carry this distinctly immaculate bag.

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