belts with backup: knot it, twist it, tie it, wrap it

knot9knot11belt13   knot knot3 knot4 knot6  knot10  knot12 copy knot12 Josephus Thimister, Ready to Wear, Fall Winter 2011, Paris

belts are an accessory department where my wardrobe seriously lacks. the belts i do have never seem to work in the appropriate moment i draw upon them. this knotted, hanging belt opens up a whole new load of opportunities, perhaps a little rummaging through my husbands selections? To make this work for belts that aren’t intended for the trend i think a softer worked in leather is required- vintage men’s belts? XXL? Anyhow I’m loving it- guess i’m not the only one who deems it a pain to find the right size, and loop- the new way is to just make the belt work for you, whatever that entails.