hiding hickey’s with turtlenecks


the last time i wore turtlenecks so frequently was in junior high during hickey season. before then it was saturday morning snow hawks ski school. this fall i bought two cotton turtlenecks from j.crew, one in black, the other light grey, i have been wearing them under everything, the black one looks particularly sharp tucked into my white skirt, and the grey is great for under v neck sweaters and blazers. i’m planning to purchase a white one to add to my rotation. i generally like to pair my ‘leave much to the imagination’ tops with something somewhat form fitting, or youthful. i’m not looking to mirror diane keaton quite yet. the truth is there’s something very comforting about having my neck cradled, and defended from the cold all day. i just hope this trend doesn’t transfer over to the boys, i absolutely loath a man in turtleneck, the thought makes me shudder.