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i said furrrrrr… it’s cold in here

fur2 furrrfur3 fur4 fur5  fur7 fur8

sorry to say… but honesty being the best policy- it’s the only f-ing thing that’ll keep us warm. also- if you wear a canada goose you’ve lost your argument- maybe a lot less of it, but coyote fur none the less. i could seriously get down with these long plush beauties.

miroslava braving the cold



as the snow blankets our city i am starting to wonder if this is a glimpse as to what life is like in siberia over the winter months. father winter is one powerful unforgiving patriarch this year. who better to draw inspiration from the former harper’s bazaar russia editor miroslava duma. she comes at aggressive weather systems with exuberance, color, and fur- love her attitude.

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